Sustained Development

Our company cares the environmental impact of our plants, distribution centers, logistic systems, packaging and the neighbor communities. The use of leading-edge technology helps us achieve the goal of living in harmony with the surrounding water sources, atmosphere and underground resources. NEXTBAR only understands growth and productivity through a high send of respect for the environment.

NEXTBAR is born as a company based on sustainable development. We acknowledge the use of renewable and non-renewable natural resources without compromising future generations. Our goal is to achieve great value to social aspects of our coworkers and their families; directly or indirectly.

We understand technologies such as recycling, biodegradability, replenishment of forest resources, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and thermal efficiency as key concepts to return the environment to a healthier state. This, of course, will make a better way of living for humans, animals, plants and every part of the quality growth of a sustainable earth.

As a chemical company with daily look to and coordinate with other similar companies ways of reducing any type of emission that could be considered toxic chemical waste.

The extraction operation in our mines involves the removal of plants, trees and ecological systems. This rupture in the environment cannot be left to natures hands. We are obliged to restore groundwater resources, reforestation of plants and trees and the development of greenhouses that can keep the environment in balance. Our company and its workers are determined to keep ecology as it was or better.

As a compromise from our company, we will use our social and human resources to plant more trees each year than the last. This is part of the core Essence of NEXTBAR. Every person of this company has to be compromised to keep and restore the environment that has been affected. Moreover, it has to be left in better conditions than before. It is of vital importance that everyone has the mentality of being one with the environment.

We are convinced that as man has the capability to destroy complete ecosystems, it can have the enough knowledge, timing and drive to restore and improve the environment surrounding us. High Industrial development should be able to live within the environmental guidelines that can keep our nature in a fit condition. It is imperative that we teach future generation that growth, production and development can coexist with a balance ecosystem.

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